About UNIX

Unleash your passion, dance to freedom, and celebrate the essence of life!

UNIX Dance Club is the first Kpop Chinese dance club in Dallas. We offer adult courses such as Kpop, Jazz, Jazzfunk, Hiphop, Choreography, Cpop, as well as Unix Kids courses in Kpop and Hiphop.
UNIX Dance Club为达拉斯首支Kpop华人舞社,我们有Kpop,Jazz,Jazzfunk,Hiphop,Choreography,Cpop等成人课程,以及Unix Kids儿童Kpop,Hiphop课程等.

We will update the class schedule every Sunday. Everyone is welcome to join and have fun dancing together. 💃
每周天更新课表,欢迎大家一起来快乐打卡跳舞. 💃

New Clients Offer

Experience the joy of dance for just $15! Choose from a variety of classes, and join our vibrant dance community. Don’t miss out, sign up now!

About Owners

Cyndi Jiang
Amulet Wang

About Instrustors


Zoe Hu


Cao QQ

Cindy Tan

Henry Zhang

May Wang